Information on the exchange of residence


That brings me troc2resid more than the other exchange sites?
troc2resid is the only vacation homes of exchange portal that offers maximum services totally free.
troc2resid is the site of individuals who want to share their home with each other without an intermediary.
You will be in direct contact with homeowners who have the same standards of quality and comfort you.
troc2resid specializes in trade of residence in metropolitan France and overseas departments and territories.

What exactly is meant by vacation home?
Second homes meet course especially this criterion.
They enable to propose suitable holiday homes, both in their equipment by their environment.
If you feel that your principal residence meets these criteria, you can quite the offer to exchange.
Holiday homes are inherently available much of the year, giving you the choice in your dates.
A choice that allows you to multiply getaways inexpensively and without necessarily committing many months in advance.

What interest do I have to exchange my home?
Property taxes increase every year, condominium charges may reserve surprises,
rent ... and leads to complications created taxable property income, this is not the time to sell.
By exchanging your home, you indirectly amortize fixed costs it causes you.
You can "offer" stays at sea, in the mountains ... why not stay in the islands!
You will discover new horizons to your children ... you revisit places "forgotten".
Is it not ultimately the best way to make you happy?

What is the procedure to achieve an exchange?
It's simple, fast and without formalities.
You register for free by placing your ads.
You see offers in your member's area.
You contact directly the advertiser that interests you.
You formalize your direct exchange with him (an exchange agreement model is available below cons)
For their part, members interested in your ad to contact you by Email.

Why must post an ad to see the requests and have access to advertisers' contact details?
To rule out the curious who have no residence to offer or who do not wish to exchange.
troc2resid is for those considering an exchange and thus maintains confidentiality with respect to the merely curious uninterested.
Registration is fast, free and without obligation.

How much will my membership troc2resid?
Your entry will not cost you absolutely nothing.
You get the maximum service absolutely free.
You take no commitment. We do not ask you your bank details.
Post your ad in today.
The sending of the form will only take a instant.



Can I bring my pet?
It is with your exchange partner you answer this question. It will tell you if it accepts pets.
The Exchange Agreement that we offer you here against formalizes this point.

ADS  ( number )

Can I place multiple ads with a single membership?
If you have multiple residences to propose, you can pass as many ads as you want.
The number of ads is not limited and will generate no additional costs.


Will I be covered in case of disaster?
Since there is no financial transaction, your hosts are in principle covered by your home insurance policy, as would be the case for friends or family you hébergeriez. To be sure to be well covered, especially if you are an exchange abroad, or if you plan the exchange of vehicle with your partner, ask your insurer.
See also the insurance information website:


Can I exchange my boat or my camper?
You have a boat docked or a camper in the garage which is not used often. Submit them to the exchange, they certainly will interest the world ... that will offer you may exchange his villa in the seaside or cottage on the slopes.


Are there any accruals?
Within the framework of reciprocity, you have in principle no accrual.
It remains to be agreed between you phone's user terms, Internet ...
The Exchange Agreement that we offer you here against formalises these points.


Should I accept smoking home?
It is with your exchange partner you agree or not to accept smokers at home and you will define the rules to be respected (in the house, outside only ...)


How to put the keys?
Troc2resid allows people eager to exchange their residence to relate.
We do not interfere in any way in the formalities of trade (keys, instructions ...) that are to define you.
You possibly entrust this task to a neighbor, a friend or a professional inventory.


You will find them under the General Termes and conditions


What are the risks?
The exchange is based on the principle of mutual trust. Your partner knows that you will occupy the slot.
He will take care of your home just as he expects from you in return.
We voluntarily limit the information on the site to get you to communicate with your partner.
Ask for pictures and more information on both the proposed residence on its environment.
These contacts before you will realize the exchange should allow you to get to know and you to trust.


Who has access to my personal information?
We are very committed to the privacy of your personal information. We ask you nor your address nor any phone number. Only your email address, necessary contacts between advertisers, is requested.
It is only available for Premium members can contact you directly.
It is you who then decide to communicate your contact information if you are considering an exchange.


How to contact the advertiser interests me?
Once an offer interests you, your member area allows you to enter in contact with the advertiser.
Only his email address will be communicated. It is he who will give his personal details, whether he considers an exchange with you.
If you are not a member yet, publish your free ad.


Should we sign an exchange agreement?
No written agreement or any formalities are required. The exchange is based on mutual trust between the participants.
However, we offer you here against a model EXCHANGE AGREEMENT that you can use as is or adapt according to your wishes. This document serves primarily to formalize the practical details helpful to the success of your stay.


What is the average length of stay?
The average length of stay often corresponds to vacation periods (1-3 weeks), but you may as well make a trade for a close weekend that a stay of several months in distant horizons.


The residences they exchanged must be equivalent?
Obviously, no. There are no rules on the matter. You can easily share a studio in the mountains against a villa by the sea, offering a farmhouse in Burgundy against an apartment in Lyon. All exchanges are possible.


How to make an inventory?
Troc2resid allows people eager to exchange their residence to relate. We do not interfere in any way in the formalities of inventory. You possibly entrust this task to a relative or a professional inventory.


How long before a stay should you register?
An exchange of residence can not be improvised. The sooner you enroll, the sooner your ad will be seen by those seeking a destination and that it often takes many months in advance.


How to update or edit my ad?
You can make changes to your ad at any time (photo, destination, time, number of participants)
You are not limited in the number of changes and this service is completely free. To communicate us these changes, go through your member area. Remember to report any change in your email address.


How to restore my password?
Forgot your password, click here to restore: Password


How many exchanges can I do in a year?
No restriction on the matter. You can make as many exchanges as you want in the year. It's free.
You can multiply the number of getaways without breaking your budget.


Can I insert several photos in my ad?
The goal is to invite you to contact that interests you and ask them to send you more photos directly,
a good way to see its reactivity. Beware of those who have no further information to give you, or that are slow to respond. These exchanges allow you to get to know you and establish you as the prerequisite trust any exchange.
By cons, it is important to attach a photo when you join.
Ads with pictures are ten times more popular than others.
Your picture will appear on the home page of the site for one month free.
If you have not joined the photo when you join, you can send it to us via your member space (edit my ad)


What to expect?
Think of free storage space where your guests can myself their personal affairs.
Insulate in a cabinet or in an available room, your personal valuables (financial or sentimental).
Make available the different devices operating instructions (TV, hi-fi,...)
Use the Exchange Agreement that we offer you here against to not forget anything.


Can I move my home residence?
Troc2resid specialized in the exchange of holiday residences.
The objective of this choice is to propose suitable residences to holiday, both in their equipment as their environment.
If you feel that your principal residence meets these criteria, nothing prevents you from offering to exchange.


How troc2resid contact if I have a question?
For any question that you have not found the answer here, your member area allows you to contact us.
If you have a comment or suggestion, please email us. Your satisfaction is our priority.
If troc2resid looks good, talk to your colleagues and friends.


Is the site secure?
Mails addresses you enter in forms on the website is automatically encrypted
so as to not be detectable by the web crawler that analyze the content on webpages
to extract emails addresses and then send spam (unwanted emails)


Should the exchange be simultaneous?
Absolutely not. All periods are possible. This is often the case of second homes.
You can for example get an apartment winter skiing and make available your home during the summer holidays.



The exchange is based on mutual trust. No contract or agreement are not required. However, you can formalize the terms of trade.
This will give you practical information useful to the quality of your stay. CONVENTION A template is available the Exchange Agreement


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