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General conditions of use of our services

By using the Troc2resid site, you signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of our services.
Troc2resid reserves the right to modify, without prior warning, the content of the terms and conditions of use of our services.
This is why we recommend users to become acquainted with them whenever they access the site Troc2resid.
Limit of liability
Troc2resid is a website exclusively for individuals who want to exchange their residence free of charge.
Troc2resid allows its members to publish offers on its site and contact between them to achieve an exchange of residence.
Troc2resid is only responsible for the publication of exchange of residences on its site offers.
Not being able to verify the description of the present property, Troc2resid accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information provided.
This information shall be communicated under the sole responsibility of the members. It is the same for any agreement concluded between the members concerning the exchange of their residence.
By filling out the form of announcement, Subscriber declares having read and accepted the present General Conditions.
He authorized the publication of the photographs, he eventually provided, on the site of Troc2resid and any other advertising medium.
Exchanges are based on mutual trust and the integrity of the members who commit to not providing inaccurate or misleading information.
Troc2resid cannot guarantee that the Exchange will take place.
Troc2resid does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the operation of its website and accepts no liability in case of unavailability of the site.
Troc2resid accepts no liability for any damages of any kind whatsoever arising from the use of its site.
Troc2resid reserves the right to terminate this site without notice.
In this case, no information will be saved and all documents (files, photos, comments...) Online will be permanently deleted.
Links to other sites: troc2resid provides links to other partner sites.
troc2resid does not control these sites which are independent and accepts no liability for their content.
Commitment to the Subscriber or any user of the site
Any user of the site undertakes to respect the laws in force using the services of Troc2resid.
It is forbidden to copy, reproduce or modify, by any means whatsoever the content of the site.
It is committed to not transmit files containing viruses or software that could damage computers.
The Member States have knowledge of the constraints of the Internet, including the transmission of data and information have a relative reliability.
The Subscriber will take all measures necessary to the protection of its equipment, its software and its personal data against contamination
by viruses or software circulating on the Internet.
The participant declares to be an individual and undertakes not to use the troc2resid site for professional purposes.
The Subscriber allows Troc2resid to communicate their Email address to other members to enable them to contact him.
The Member is liable to communicate its other personal contact information.
It won't if it considers it useful and under his personal responsibility.
The participant guarantees the authenticity of the information that it communicates.
He undertakes to keep such information up-to-date by contacting Troc2resid any changes to this information.
In all cases, the Member will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statement and harm that can result.
The Member undertakes to maintain courteous and respectful relationships in its exchanges with other members.
Members are asked to report any Member Troc2resid who does not respect these rules.
Troc2resid then reserves the possibility of using his right to such exclusion stipulated in the following paragraph.
Right of exclusion of a Member
Troc2resid reserves the right to remove your Exchange offer, to suspend your membership quality
and to refuse to provide you with any service if you violate these terms and conditions.
This exclusion does not give rise to a refund of contributions.
Right of a member to discontinue its membership
Any Member may decide to interrupt its membership without notice.
This interruption gives place to a refund of contributions.